Margalith | 2007

Margalith, A series of prints and a video about a girl in a flower costume.

Margalith, DV video with animation, 19 min.

A voyage within the home of a gynaecologist who died. The heroine – a girl in a flower costume – moves around her house, searching for her roots. While she is scanning the furniture, medical equipment, books and other articles, some of the objects come alive and reveal hidden details about her life | Watch Online (+Introduction)

Download Catalogue | Essay by Galit Eilat

Director: Aya Ben Ron | Cinematographer: Oded Kimhi | Editor: Aya Ben Ron | Music & Soundtrack: Ori Drummer | Sound mix & Post-production: Daniel Kestenboim | Costum Designer: Sivan Weinstein | 3D Modeling: Leon David | Make up: Karen Ben-Shimon Assistant: Joshua Schulgasser | Participants: Aya Ben Ron, Uri Ben Ron || The film was produced with the support of The Jehoshua Rabinowitz Tel Aviv Foundation of Art, Racanati Foundation, The Tel Aviv Cinemateque.

MARGALITH | Print on archival paper | 28 x 31 cm each

MARGALITH | Etching | 11cm x 9cm each

MARGALITH | Photo etching | 14.5cm x 20cm each