No Body | 2017

No Body, 2017, HD with animation (11:45 min)

The heroine goes on a journey to sea where she confronts a childhood trauma. She is carried away far from shore, and there, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, she tells her story. Based on a true story and a fairy tale – The Girl Without Hands by The Brothers Grimm.


הגיבורה יוצאת למסע אל לב ים בו היא מתמודדת עם טראומת ילדות. היא נסחפת הרחק מהחוף ושם, על רקע נופים עוצרי נשימה, היא מספרת את סיפורה. מבוסס על סיפור אמיתי ועל האגדה ״הנערה ללא ידיים״ של האחים גרים.

Writer, Director, Editor: Aya Ben Ron | Director of Photography, Production Manager: Oded Kimhi |  Animation: Batia Kolton, Aya Ben Ron | Music: Shira Yasur | Sound Design, Music, Mix: Binya Reches | Theme Song (Based on The Girl Without Hands by The Brothers Grimm) Lyrics: Aya Ben Ron | Music: Shira Yasur, Binya Reches | Vocals, Melodica, Ukulele, Metallophone: Shira Yasur | Mix: Binya Reches

The film was produced with the support of: The Ostrovsky Family Fund; The Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts;  Yehoshua Rabinovich Tel Aviv Foundation for The Arts