Patient | 2011

Patient, HD video, 6:30 min. 

The video was shot at the former Assuta Hospital building in Tel Aviv. Founded in 1934, the hospital was relocated in 2009, leaving the original building empty and neglected. The video shows a nurse going about her daily routine as she “tends” to the abandoned hospital building.

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פציינט, וידאו, 6:30 דקות

הסרט צולם בבניין בית החולים אסותא הישן בתל אביב. בית החולים שנוסד ב-1934, הועבר ב-2009 למתחם חדש, משאיר מאחוריו את הבניין המקורי ריק ונטוש. הסרט מראה אחות הממשיכה בשגרת יומה בבית החולים העזוב.

Director: Aya Ben Ron | Cinematographer: Oded Kimhi | Editor: Aya Ben Ron | Sound Design: Binya Reches | Nurse: Shimrit Miller. This film was produced as part of the project ‘Art in the Mirror of Cinema’. Initiated and supported by The New Israeli Foundation for Film and Television | Curator: Maayan Amir | This film was produced with the support of The Ministry of Culture & Sport.