Field Hospital X | 58th Venice Biennale | 2019

Field Hospital X (FHX) is a mobile, international institution, established by artist Aya Ben Ron. It is an organization that is committed to researching the way art can react and act in the face of social ills. Learning from the structure and practice of hospitals, health maintenance organizations and healing resorts, FHX provides a space in which silenced voices can be heard and social injustices can be seen. FHX was launched at the Israeli Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia in May 2019, hosted approximately 180,000 visitors, out of which 80,000 have completed the entire process – the hospital’s full capacity. After the Biennale, FHX will continue to travel to various sites around the world, to develop and expand.

FHX Founder, Director: Aya Ben Ron | FHX Curator: Avi Lubin | FHX Producer: Miki Gov

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